The Princess Card Trick

Presenting the Trick:

1. Show the front of the card:

2. Ask your helper to quickly think of one of the cards and remember it.

3. Turn the card over as you snap your fingers (or clap) and say “This is an amazing card.  By simply snapping my fingers (or clapping), the card you are thinking of turns over.

4. Ask them if they see their card face up.  Their card will be the one that has turned over.

The Secret:

If you look closely at both sides, you will see that the cards on the back are different than the ones on the front.  This means that no matter what card they think of, it will not be on the back and therefore the helper will think it is their card that turned over.  

Be sure to practice and not share the secret to this fun and quick magic trick.   

Good luck and be on the look out for more magic at Brian’s Magician School.