Holiday Magic Tricks You Can Do


Spread Some Holiday Cheer!

Five Simple, Fun Magic Tricks You Can Do To Create Smiles and Laughter This Holiday Season

Sharing a magic trick with someone is a lot like giving a gift. It can brighten their day, make them smile, and show them that you care. I hope that you can use this magic lesson to make just such an impact on your family and friends.

When you are looking to add that magic touch to your next event, it would be my pleasure to bring smiles and laughter to your guests.

If you did not get your free copy of "Holiday Magic Tricks You Can Do!", send an email to Brian and he will get one out as soon as.


Spooky Magic Tricks and Gross-out Stunts!


Treat Yourself To Some Tricks

Hear the sounds of invisible ghost candy!
Crack your nose to the gross delight of friends!
Show off your own severed finger! It’s alive!
Shove a steel spike through your own thumb!
Make a spider magically jump across the table!

Simple Fun Easy to Learn

Good fun for all ages. Practice these tricks, then freak out your friends... or at least make them laugh! To help in learning, you can watch a quick video of these tricks in action below.

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