Color Confusion Card Trick


The Color Confusion Card doesn't seem like magic. Watch the video for full performance and secret instructions.



Magic Boomerang


In appearance the two boomerangs look to be different sizes, but are they?

Watch the video below for full performance and the secret instructions.

Boomerang Illusion

Download the Magic Boomerang and Make One at Home


Download the Halloween Magic Boomerang and Make One at Home


Princess Card Trick


The Princess Card Trick is a fun and easy trick to perform. It's always great to think of a creative story presentation to use with magic. For now, we will use a standard magic card snap presentation.


Presenting the Trick:

1. Show the front of the card:

2. Ask your helper to quickly think of one of the cards and remember it.

3. Turn the card over as you snap your fingers (or clap) and say "This is an amazing card.  By simply snapping my fingers (or clapping), the card you are thinking of turns over.

4. Ask them if they see their card face up.  Their card will be the one that has turned over.

The Secret:

If you look closely at both sides, you will see that the cards on the back are different than the ones on the front.  This means that no matter what card they think of, it will not be on the back and therefore the helper will think it is their card that turned over.  

Be sure to practice and not share the secret to this fun and quick magic trick.   

Good luck and be on the look out for more magic at Brian's Magician School.


The 52 on 1 Trick

This is a fun trick that many magicians use in their shows to get a great laugh! Although it may not be as magical as the other ones, it is definitely the funniest trick in the book and it is great to mix in with other tricks that you do. A good magic act has a nice mix of serious magic as well as magic that is funny or silly.


Presenting the Trick:

  1. Take out the card and hold it so the back is facing your audience. Make sure nobody sees that all the cards on the back.
  2. Now ask you audience member to think of any playing card. Tell them, “Please don’t say what it is out loud yet.” You can ask them, “How amazing would it be if your card were right here on the other side of one card that I pulled out of the deck before the show?”
  3. They will agree that it would be amazing, and a nearly impossible guess to get right.
  4. Then, ask the audience member to name their card on the count of 3. You then say “1…2…3…” and wait for them to name their card.
  5. As soon as they say it, immediately turn the card around and point to their card and say, “There it is! Right there!" …(fill in he name of whatever card they picked)! You’ll get a lot of laughs from the audience!
  6. Of course, you really don’t guess their card exactly, but you did live up to your promise of saying their card really was on the other side of the card you were holding all along!

Clipped Card Trick


Download the Clipped Card Trick and Make One at Home


Have you ever lost something and then looked hard to find it?  It feels great when you find something you lost, doesn’t it?  Well, this trick is sort of like that except that your audience members will try to do the finding.  Yet no matter how many time they try, you’ll only know the secret how the card hides and your audience member cannot find it!

Effect: You show your audience 5 playing cards that are spread in a line.  The audience member tries to place a paper clip on the goofy magician, but he keeps moving. 

Supplies: A special card that has 5 cards on it.  You also need a paper clip.

Performing the Trick (& The Secret): 

Tell the audience member to remember where the goofy magician Brian is. (The Ace of Hearts.)  

Then, turn the card over to show just the backs of the 5 cards.  Ask your volunteer to put the paper clip where he/she thinks Brian is.  They will stick the paper clip on the middle back card.

Then, when you turn the card back over, you’ll see that they placed the paper clip on one of the other cards.  How did they lose Brian?

Here’s how the secret works:

Both sides of the 5 cards are actually printed on the cards starting on different ends.  So, when they place the paper clip on the middle card which they think is Brian, on the other side of the card, it really is the XX, because that’s the card that you see the whole face of when it’s turned over. It’s really an optical illusion so it looks like the paper clip somehow moved to the XX.  It really stays in one place the whole time!  Shhhh, don’t tell your audience how the card works!

Take a bow!

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