Magic Wand Kits

Worry-free Goodie Bags

Our Magic Wand Kits are a great giveaway for the kids at your child's party! They are a fun 12 inch plastic magic wand with instructions for five simple and fun tricks that can be done with the wand itself.

No batteries, no apps, no USB - just using a magic wand and some imagination and your child will be amazed. They come beautiful packaged and sealed in an individual wrapper.

They are available for sale for $3 each.

No need to spend time looking for goodie bags. Use the Magic Wand Kits instead.

The best part of all is that you only pay for what you use on the day. So you are not stuck with extra items if guests do not turn up, which also saves you money and time.

Simply let me know that you are interested in the magic wand kits.