Brian's Virtual Magician School


Hi!  It's Brian Hoffman, and I hope you had a great time at the virtual magic show.  As promised, here is my Virtual Magician School where you can download the tricks and instructions from the Zoom party, and more!

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The Boomerang Illusion

In appearance the two boomerangs look to be different sizes, but are they?

Watch the video for full performance and the secret instructions.

If you create your trick using the download, use white/red and white/blue instead of the red/blue combination.


Download the Clipped Card Trick and Make One at Home


Have you ever lost something and then looked hard to find it?  It feels great when you find something you lost, doesn’t it?  Well, this trick is sort of like that except that your audience members will try to do the finding.  Yet no matter how many time they try, you’ll only know the secret how the card hides and your audience member cannot find it!

Effect: You show your audience 5 playing cards that are spread in a line.  The audience member tries to place a paper clip on the goofy magician, but he keeps moving. 

Supplies: A special card that has 5 cards on it.  You also need a paper clip.

Performing the Trick (& The Secret): 

Tell the audience member to remember where the goofy magician Brian is. (The Ace of Hearts.)  

Then, turn the card over to show just the backs of the 5 cards.  Ask your volunteer to put the paper clip where he/she thinks Brian is.  They will stick the paper clip on the middle back card.

Then, when you turn the card back over, you’ll see that they placed the paper clip on one of the other cards.  How did they lose Brian?

Here’s how the secret works:

Both sides of the 5 cards are actually printed on the cards starting on different ends.  So, when they place the paper clip on the middle card which they think is Brian, on the other side of the card, it really is the XX, because that’s the card that you see the whole face of when it’s turned over. It’s really an optical illusion so it looks like the paper clip somehow moved to the XX.  It really stays in one place the whole time!  Shhhh, don’t tell your audience how the card works!

Take a bow!

The Razzle Dazzle Wand Front

The Razzle Dazzle Wand

Easy and fun

Print this out double sided and roll it up.  You can then use it for some fun magic tricks and illusions.  Instructions are included.


Download the Razzle Dazzle wand.


A Simple Card Trick

A fun and easy card trick for Tigers!

Preparation: Divide a deck of cards with red cards in one pile, black cards in the other. Then place the two piles on a table facedown.

The performer asks someone to pick a card from either pile and then show his card to the audience.

Meanwhile, you pick up the rest of the pile from where he chose a card and place it in your pocket or under the table as inconspicuously as possible. Have the person place his card anywhere in the pile that is left on the table.

With great flourish, pick up the pile and without letting the audience see the cards, fan them out. The card he “replaced” in the pile will be obvious as it is of a different color than the pile. Ask, “Is this the card you chose?” The audience will be amazed.

The Razzle Dazzle Coloring Sheets

Print these out and color them in.... just don't color me pink!


Download the Razzle Dazzle coloring sheet.


Download the Brian coloring sheet.


Five More Simple Magic You Can Learn to Perform and Amaze Your Friends