Halloween BOO-merang Trick


The Halloween BOO-merang

Easy and fun

Print this out and then cut out the boomerangs.  Instructions are included on the print out.


Download the BOO-merang.


Princess Card Trick


The Princess Card Trick is a fun and easy trick to perform. It's always great to think of a creative story presentation to use with magic. For now, we will use a standard magic card snap presentation.


Presenting the Trick:

1. Show the front of the card:

2. Ask your helper to quickly think of one of the cards and remember it.

3. Turn the card over as you snap your fingers (or clap) and say "This is an amazing card.  By simply snapping my fingers (or clapping), the card you are thinking of turns over.

4. Ask them if they see their card face up.  Their card will be the one that has turned over.

The Secret:

If you look closely at both sides, you will see that the cards on the back are different than the ones on the front.  This means that no matter what card they think of, it will not be on the back and therefore the helper will think it is their card that turned over.  

Be sure to practice and not share the secret to this fun and quick magic trick.   

Good luck and be on the look out for more magic at Brian's Magician School.


Holiday Magic Tricks You Can Do


Spread Some Holiday Cheer!

Five Simple, Fun Magic Tricks You Can Do To Create Smiles and Laughter This Holiday Season

Sharing a magic trick with someone is a lot like giving a gift. It can brighten their day, make them smile, and show them that you care. I hope that you can use this magic lesson to make just such an impact on your family and friends.

When you are looking to add that magic touch to your next event, it would be my pleasure to bring smiles and laughter to your guests.

If you did not get your free copy of "Holiday Magic Tricks You Can Do!", send an email to Brian and he will get one out as soon as.

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